Monday, June 13, 2011

Justin Bieber girlfriend was taken to the hospital

 Justin Bieber girlfriend was taken to the hospital

Selena Gomez Pregnant Because Justin Bieber. True or not Selena Gomez pregnantby Justin Bieber still continues to be questioned, especially by fans of Justin Bieber isquite fanatic could this be one of the gossip that makes a big question mark.According to the info young Disney star, Selena Gomez, was rushed to hospital afterhe felt uncomfortable when it appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Thus was launched the AP on Saturday (06/11/2011).

From there is news or rumors circulate that Selena Gomez is pregnant by JustinBieber. Selena experience headaches, vomiting and other symptoms after bothcame home on vacation from Hawaii and a host of other attractions. Gomez andBieber also had seen together when Justin Bieber held a concert in Indonesia andMalaysia.
A spokesman for Selena Gomez, the artist who rose through the leaves of Wizards ofWaverly Place said he was feeling unwell and are now undergoing a routine test. Thespokesman did not give details about the pain suffered by Selena Gomez who, whenappearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno is promoting his film titled MonteCarlo.
In fact, Selena Gomez promotional film which was originally done at a mall in SantaMonicaCaliforniaUnited States (U.S.) had to be canceled.
As has been little in the said above, truth or gossip that is circulating warm SelenaGomez pregnant because of Justin Bieber is not yet revealed the truth

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